SO MUCH FUTURE I want to go back to believing a story again Some years ask the questions, while some years answer them.While serendipity and coincidence have played a big role in shaping up my notions about fate, I also believe that preparation and hard work covers merit worthy denominator in the outcome of life events.Put a handsome … Continue Reading


A COLD JANUARY MORNING AND  LOTS OF BLACK The brand new year had began and I hope everyone is killing it already.Black has been my choice of color this month .Majorly because Black is a color you can wear regardless of the occasion, it’s never inappropriate to wear black.Never. At least in majority of situations. The thing … Continue Reading


OF MY BLONDE HAIR, AND THIS VELVET PLUS CULOTTES Without further ado, let’s get to the point that my hair color had undergone a dramatic change.Hope you noticed, well if you haven’t now you know that it did.Change in hair style is a much welcome thing, for me mainly because I had crazy short crew … Continue Reading