BEING PRESENT EVERYWHERE MAKES YOU PRESENT NO-WHERE Retreating, can be a fantasy word in today’s world.Our world is a spider web of connections, both digital and non digital.We are all part of one big spider web, with endless branches.We are never alone, not even when you are all alone by yourself you are not alone literally, more or … Continue Reading


TO THE CITY OF ROMANCE AND PARISIAN STYLE So February is rolling, where did the January go ?It’s a Thursday and I feel it’s almost the weekend, the days are flying past with no intention of slowing down anytime soon.Before we know it would be December 31st.Such is life !Anyways, lets get to the topic … Continue Reading


A COLD JANUARY MORNING AND  LOTS OF BLACK The brand new year had began and I hope everyone is killing it already.Black has been my choice of color this month .Majorly because Black is a color you can wear regardless of the occasion, it’s never inappropriate to wear black.Never. At least in majority of situations. The thing … Continue Reading


 So can you kick the white movement ? If the white sneaker trend is right up your alley, you have one person to thank: Phoebe Philo. In 2010, the British designer took her bow at the Celine Spring 2011 show wearing white Adidas Stan Smiths and just like that, the return of the classic lo-fi trainers was sealed.In the four … Continue Reading


A childhood favorite, and still the same Velvet has been around here for quite sometime now, it was needless to say one of my childhood favorites.Growing up, I had this electric blue gown, which was always a head turner, mainly because of it’s beautiful tailoring and the stone embellishments.I used to love that piece.Since then … Continue Reading


Much like Selena Gomez new music video, Same old love .Somethings in life are just always a favorite     This denim is an absolute favorite of mine, which my friends call  Milkman Denim.Why so ?They once had a Milk guy who had a these Black Denims, similar to mine .And what’s the relation you ask … Continue Reading


When obsession over a color becomes a thing Given that everybody I know is going gaga over a deep purple shade, it’s natural that I feel the need to validate this phenomenon .Before we start the dissection, you should now this dark purple shade is validating my existence as of now . It’s autumn here.Leaves are falling … Continue Reading


TO CHANGES, TO SEASONS , TO BRETON STRIPES Winters are almost here.But are we prepared?No!Hell no!!Double exclamation point there. I love autumns, as pretty or dull as they seems to be . Mainly because you can take your layering game to  a whole new level without sweating like a athlete on a hot summers day.For me that’s … Continue Reading


Plaid checks and wine lipstick?Soul mates. Add a bowler hat to it ? That’s autumn perfection! A new territory, a dark wine color lipstick has been stumbled upon and is in spotlight today.Assuming that we move ahead with the monologue let me continue with the situation that existed before this discovery.As for me the due mention … Continue Reading