To the sweet sweet pastel that you are going to see everywhere in the coming months

Send the ravens far and wide guys lilac is in town, scorching the way through or should I say charming its way through it?.Either way it is having a quite moment of its own.Softer cousin of purple with a touch of cloudy dreamy pink quality to it, that is Lilac for you.

Lilac brings me memories of shimmer and effortless glamour, with shimmering glimmering disco balls and evening skies with throw of myriad oranges in the golden rays.When I return to home after work in August, the sky used to full blown lilac in the evening with dashes of orange and golden rays of sun kissing the evening skies.It was quite a sight !From runway favorites like Victoria Beckham to Juliana bass, there is no shortage of lilac in the fashion scenery this either, and it is just a matter of time before we all become lilac shimmering beauties.

And by the way it is always beautiful to see lilac skies in full blown glory !







Wearing Forever21

Shot by Athul S Sasidharan



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