As we all know last week spring arrived officially and in India we a marked the same with Holi. Spring holds a very special place in my calender, like flowers blooming I hope for clearer brighter days, and most importantly to pull off a brightest of bright color in the name of spring.Amen!That’s what exactly I intended to do here !

As my choice of colors have been varying from black widow to daisy flower girl to corporate-neat’s in the last few months, I have been  contemplating on this spring for bright colors to bring back festive to my wardrobe.I should tell y’all, when I was in design school all I wore was the brightest of brights well I more of a magpie collecting bright pieces of glasses then and when I came to corporate retail design, my dressing went primarily black overnight.

Being able to work with colors all day is a fun, but also you tend to get influenced by the visuals you project in your style, and the colors you carry and as a matter of fact, I cannot get influenced by the colors I wear-I design Menswear!If am wearing a bright fuchsia, the chances are there can be a a bright Fuschia menswear shirt in my collection?It is quite possible, its called color psychology.Appealing noh?In Indian mainstream menswear retail bright fuchsia is a No-No.So I keep it black and minimal, the sacrifices you have to make to remain uninfluenced.

But this spring I am hoping for brighter brights, and putting my black obsession to arrest to celebrate the season!But that apart isn’t spring already horrendously hot ?Dress wise girls !Wear a light skirt and brights, and of course you have to jazz it with your bling !



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_MG_4689 _MG_4686 _MG_4679




Shot by Athul S Sasidharan

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