I want to go back to believing a story again

Some years ask the questions, while some years answer them.While serendipity and coincidence have played a big role in shaping up my notions about fate, I also believe that preparation and hard work covers merit worthy denominator in the outcome of life events.Put a handsome mix of luck in it we have very worthy candidate who have it all.World is full of illusions, some of them questions your sanity even.Success is one such.It becomes very difficult to differentiate what’s real and not real .There is a ample amount of deception in the manufactured reality of what we call success today. Success should be measured in different parameters, in micro levels.Success is sometimes as simple as showing up to a place when you are sick, just because you said you would show up.When you shift the definition of success you shift everything that comes with it.The quite personal successes should also be celebrated with as much fervor as the public ones.

At the same time there is so much future out there in the world,  so potent that we are even reeling the economy by  shifting our means of transaction to bit currencies.Well that is a glimpse of what is in hold for us.It is so full of promise we can almost taste it, may be if the industrial smog wasn’t so heavy on our head?

The David and Goliath is you and the world.By being more mindful of  your own actions you the David can put up a good show too.

So all I am asking you is that what are you going to do with that future of yours ?

I wish a fabulous year for you all !


Yours Truly

Shot by,

Athul S Sasidharan

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