To the September issue mayhem


So September is a big deal in the world of fashion.It is much like the new year of fashion.Even though print population of the September issue has dramatically decreased in the past years by huge numbers, which is even  true for the magazine which made September issue”the September issue”.Yes I mean Vogue.As online content increased  the love for print magazine has gone down, but there are a few of us who love print over digital any day.I am a huge fan of print!Love the smell of a new magazine, and the fabulous looking-have-got-it-all-together people.The beautiful dream it sells is otherworldly, and make any grim day a little bit brigther. I have read somewhere, fashion is a dream, and if you can sell the dream well you have done a fabulous job.Well probably this is what inspires fashion collective, we sell dreams and other beautiful things, I guess perfumes?

So lets say officially the September issues have rolled out and it’s hella-fabulous!

While September issue cover models are the industry heavyweights, who needless to say have the ability to sell magazines through large fan bases and there of can move mountains and magazine stacks.The photo shoots are strategic to the popularity factor of the cover models.So as of now Kendall or Gigi would beat the rest hands down.Content might have moved online, reading a print magazine is unlike anything online.That being said, everything seems to have moved online, and vying for our time all at the same time !It the  attention economy effect.

In today’s attention economy, attention is the new currency of business.It is the most valuable asset in the modern economy.So it is not a surprise that the September issue models are the ones with a coveted social media following and fame, to grab the little bit of attention that we are left with.Attention is what sells. In a world where information is limitless, attention is limited. Tech has splintered our attention spans, and we are nursing a collective attention deficit disorder. The media has become a race for clicks, and this race rewards the extreme, plumping for the controversial over the considered, trading accuracy for speed.Well that’s what WGSN says in their economy analysis.But what does Anna have to do with our attention span?Right?So let’s just enjoy the September issues and be content of whatsoever that comes off!At least there is a beautiful picture, so glossy and shiny. Sometimes that’s all we want, something nice to take us off the grim and the grit of the real world harshness and cold thereof!



With love






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