Since the time I have been back from the fashion week, spotting trends and making reports for the next season prevailed as the major itinerary of mine for the past one month.As soon as I returned, I was flooded with a plethora of work related engagements.How time and again I get transported to two seasons ahead of trends and reports was what the main engagement was.As I dived head first into it, I noticed the recurring elements in the scene of fashion even if each one of them is individualistic and diverge.There is always a link in the threads.The trends reported from around the world are nothing but distinct attributes of the global society.Let’s say how a simple lifestyle choice of painting the walls of the village houses cobalt blue, from a humble village of Rajasthan can translate into a major global color inspiration.That is  just phenomenal.A majority of fashion inspiration comes from day to day life, from the most mundane things.But when viewed with perception everything is brand new.Such is life!

Clothes are an essential part of existence I believe, they can have a truly big influence from the way you talk about to what your life reflections are .The more attention you put into detail for these, the more you realize the flair for detail in every aspect of your life.That being said, your choice of attire gives you the chance to express a current mood, a liking for vintage clothes or just simply your liking in music, it can be anything.It helps you express yourself better.You can wear mundane pieces from your wardrobe, mix it up with more exciting pieces or patterns and  give it a completely novel dramatic look, as you go along to create that jazz and run the world !

Here I am pulling of a over sized pleated dark floral skirt and a big hat for the extra punch of drama.

Sometimes drama is good, like how it is here !


_MG_7156 _MG_7160

On me |Shirt Koovs |Skirt Elanic|Hat Forever21|


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