So February is rolling, where did the January go ?It’s a Thursday and I feel it’s almost the weekend, the days are flying past with no intention of slowing down anytime soon.Before we know it would be December 31st.Such is life !Anyways, lets get to the topic here shall we?

Paris!There is something so poetic about that city, it transports you to an ethereal sense of being.The magic of Eiffel tower or the poetic Seine river, there is something absolutely one of a kind romantic there.Talking about Paris, the French has a impeccable sense of innate style, which is so true to themselves- carefree au naturale style.The french banks more on the style quotient rather than the make up or the hair do.

The french girl always has a put together look about her, chic-sans-the-effort.While effortless dressing is deemed as the ultimate victory in styling, it comes as an payoff of choosy picking of clothes plus the constant debate is-this-me?One does not get effortless overnight.It’s the continuous trial and error method over the years that perfect the perfect effortless chic.It’s work and a lot of work.But nothing like a effortless style, so it’s worth every minute you fret over a certain pants you were eyeing for a long time or that jacket you wanted.Chic and effortless come together to pull of  the perfect french girl stlye

So I threw over  a heavy velvet jacket (mind you it’s the chilly February here )over the shoulder, suddenly everything was bound together, like it was a cello tape on my outfit, add a scarf and you are good to bounce!

_MG_3656 _MG_3661 _MG_3676 _MG_3680 _MG_3683 _MG_3685




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