/Slacktivism (sometimes slactivism or slackervism)/ Is it too late for a light weight trench?Iridescent has been the color of the season lately, from highlighters to trenches it’s been ruling the stage.The color is a thing of dreams I tell you.While this unicorn color has been ruling the fashion scenes for a while now, I have … Continue Reading

World is pretty dope ! So sluggishness is over, world is returning to normalcy in quick pace and we might have possibly hit a jackpot.This post is more like a open dialogue about the c’est la vie.It looks like the world is sobering up from an allergic reaction, and the effects are running wild on … Continue Reading

 “Emotions that move something within you” Speaking of last year and the many emotions that came with it, as the cliche goes it was a roller coaster ride of emotions.There was a truck load of happenings which was out and about in the air, the year was certainly one of the highlight years of my … Continue Reading

To all the eccentric approaches we undertook in the name of fairness and to mortality It has been an eventful month, as we all know it to be.Some major changes, and major loses!India was  hit by demonetization last month.The currency ban as y’all know.We lost the most charismatic leader of our time late Ms Jayalalitha.Two … Continue Reading

  To the unpredictable tomorrow, because all we have is now Everyone was wrapped around the US elections last week, was it a disappointment?Sure it was!And closer  home, we had our very own Indian fiasco in old currency ban, to curb black money.A very eventful week indeed? So India has a long drawn history with … Continue Reading