“Emotions that move something within you”

Speaking of last year and the many emotions that came with it, as the cliche goes it was a roller coaster ride of emotions.There was a truck load of happenings which was out and about in the air, the year was certainly one of the highlight years of my life in many ways, getting featured in magazines was great, so was a lot of other opportunities presented. I am having a bit of writers block here.Excuse me people.Since last two months, I have been searching for the right words to emote.The amount of things I want to tell you guys, it’s insane.I can’t even begin to start with.The year 2016 was pretty pretty eventful.

Last year, somewhere during the middle, I was engulfed in a dark period of extreme self doubt, it was in means in ways I never imagined.To the outside world it looked like I had it all together.But your world falls apart in the most unexpected ways when everything seems to be together, isn’t it ?And that’s the most ironic thing.But as much as it tests you it gives you the strength to go on and that’s where I began again.The true strength of your being, is the ability to get up again.And here I am growing my baby wings on self love and cautioned steps, because that’s just how life is and you deserve everything that’s amazing!The universe is going to hand you over the things that you want, before that happens it is going to test your stamina.I am ending this post here, let me keep this short and sweet!Follow your dreams guys, this year and forevermore !

Never stop believing in you !

#Stay amazing


With loads and loads of love,


Shot by Athul S Sasidharan

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