Sort of a grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon.As observed through millennial-rose tinted glasses.


Millennial pink is ‘the thing’. It’s everywhere- from the spring/summer 2017 runways to Harry Styles’ closet to our favorite iPhones. While the sudden immersion for goodness’ sake blushing may appear to be overpowering at first (practically as though you’ve simply mysteriously apparated directly into Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel), things being what they are the shade of the day has been around for quite a while. Back in the days (i.e. around two months prior) this dusty shade of pink was only simply one more little fish in the shading wheel’s immense lake of other shade fishies. How old-fashioned this now appears. So fundamental to the circumstances, this color is connected to the favorite era that everyone loves to loathe: millennials.

Rising above the limits of form, time, space (and sense?) – the shade exists apart from everything else has been populating book covers, Sophia Amuroso’s Nasty gal to nail shades.

However, it’s not just millennial ladies who have been spellbound by the shading, a whole era has been enchanted. From the wacky universe of Wes Anderson to Drake music recordings, millennial pink keeps on being the tint that propelled 1000 Instagram levels.What is refreshing is the un-pinkness of millennial pink, I dig it and additionally a tiny bit political — the shade of another sort of womanliness that opposes desires.So it’s everything that is an aesthetic distillation of contemporary feminism stands for, brazenly female, yet expelled from the obliging baggage of the past. It is, from numerous points of view, characterized more by what it isn’t than what it is: Not Barbie. Not bubble gum. Not princessy. Yet has a personality.


Shot and directed by Athul S Sasidharan

Make up and location Brown Smoke make Up

Concept by

Your truly

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‘favourite era everyone loves to loathe’…can’t just get over and enough of that line…it is as though you gave words to my scattered otherwise and rather passive aggressive lament of how the ‘oldies’ derive so much pleasure out of blaming it on the boldness of the ‘millenial’ generation…and yeah you did not disappoint me by missing to quote my bae Sophia of the ever Nasty Gal!…gem of a piece this one is I tell you!…keep them coming girl!..:B

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