To the unpredictable tomorrow, because all we have is now

Everyone was wrapped around the US elections last week, was it a disappointment?Sure it was!And closer  home, we had our very own Indian fiasco in old currency ban, to curb black money.A very eventful week indeed?

So India has a long drawn history with black money, with black money tainting our economy with massive amounts of unaccounted cash flow.Recently Indian Government grew a  spine, rolled up their white khadi sleeves and got to work.And Voila, we had a record breaking secret mission to curb black money, that hit people on their face.The black money hoarders was just left with a window of 4 hours, to hide/whiten the black money.Well many of them had a Cardiac arrest over the few hours I suppose, because those stacks of cash they were hoarding just became illegal/invalid.The only option will be to burn the stacks of cash/or get fined of 200% if they declare it.While the steps can be traced back to a well thought out plan, nobody saw it coming and that was massive.Considering the magnitude of the operation for a country like India.Bravo to the government!While it is debatable whether or not it will solve the issue altogether, a small step is better than none.

And the US elections, got us all wondering and disoriented for a few days.I was so disappointed with the whole scenario.We can see that the world landscape is changing overnight and we see new systems in place.What we can surely say is that all we have is now.Live it up and don’t leave anything for tomorrow.You get the gist I suppose.And also like I always say don’t forget to be kind y’all.So smell the flowers and laugh while you can, for all we have is now.


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Shot by Athul S Sasidharan


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