Time and again you guys have heard me talk about black color and what the relevance is.You know the drill,so just go along with it okey?? That being said  my love for this dark hue is just increasing by each passing day,  that fact is quite established by now  in my studio .With people around asking me about my choice for all black outfits.Some days I do look like a CIA squad agent  other days I pull off a New York chic black ensemble with a chignon, it’s all on how the day rolls.It’s quite nice to see black outfits y’all or is it just me?I love them.Till death do us apart !That’s all for now.Okey bye !






On me |Sunnies VOI Jeans |Tote Splash  | Bodycon KOOVS |Neckpieces Melange Jeans|Heels KOOVS|

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