Retreating, can be a fantasy word in today’s world.Our world is a spider web of connections, both digital and non digital.We are all part of one big spider web, with endless branches.We are never alone, not even when you are all alone by yourself you are not alone literally, more or so because we have the access to connect with anybody at any time, at the click of a button.Thanks to the technology we are surrounded with.

Infinite access granted!

“Alone time is so essential” I read in Cosmo(Cosmopolitian) and in other countless magazines, not till recent times that I did fully comprehend what the connotation was.It so essential to shut down the endless distractions, that we are thrown at.Some catching up with the nature, can do you a lot of good.Paying your nearest park a visit, in your work day attire is also acceptable, as long as you try and disconnect with the outside world.My outfit is primarily grey you see and technically it is a work attire.Grey is such a sober color, you can sure pull of grey to the most serious of the meetings as much as a you can do a black attire.And that being said grey is one of the most versatile colors in the palette, you can do a lot with this simple hue.The permutations and combinations are infinite, you can go tonal as well as contrast, formal as well as casual.

I should tell you, admiring the greenery, might temporarily send you to boomerang of thoughts, for instance how did life originate on Earth?That’s just a after though of seeing all these plants and the life around them.I assure you it would just last about time you get the next buzz on your cellphone, and you ready to get going.So let’s get tangled in these trail of thoughts for now and bask in the glory of mother nature for a while, until the next time !

Switching off your cell is also a good idea !








On me |Sunnies Rayban |Tote Splash  | Trouser Mango |Neckpieces Koovs Jeans|Heels Next|


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