World is pretty dope !

So sluggishness is over, world is returning to normalcy in quick pace and we might have possibly hit a jackpot.This post is more like a open dialogue about the c’est la vie.It looks like the world is sobering up from an allergic reaction, and the effects are running wild on the roads.Political correctness of race and issue of the youth running high in the system, youths everywhere are paying a price to be called the entitled generation .The occasional stir causes allied forces coming together to create greater stirs.All is said and done in the name of freedom and future.Peace.

The new age activism extends  in hashtags for many millennial’s, and gave rise to the term slactivism.The cool way of activism, may the careful selected hashtags would speak thereof.Much is said and talked about the entitlement.I think the millennial’s are the ones going to change the world, entitlement comes with a lot of responsibilities after all.The political and social under currents still run, waiting for another outburst.And we in the name of activism/slakactivism forsake wisdom for immediate fixes.When we turn this around the lost land of gold will be found and kept.

Styled and emoted by,

Yours Truly,

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Devesh Pant


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