ONCE FADED NEVER THE SAME I have a couple of items in my closet, which speaks memories rather than clothes, they hand to me unforgettable strings of deja-vu ‘s in their own terms. I feel at ease  in these, they represent a part of me, part of past me, the people , the occasions and everything else.A mirage of expressions and a string of thoughts is what follows. Life is moving ahead and so are you.So you sweep the flood of thoughts and the missing’s and move ahead.The only thing that is constant is change, still we need not let go of all the good things in the name of it .Hold on to the good things in life . It’s alright to hold on to some things which are precious, for they speak to you and of you!Volumes.

investire con opzioni binarie good Roma, 31 marzo 2018 - L’a... Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecili _MG_3926 _MG_3930

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