On the wake of international Earth day, the questions that need to be asked

This April puts the attention solidly on customer eco-impression and manageability, with Earth Day (April 22) and Fashion Revolution Week (24th-30th April 2017) in our middle. We are evoked to remember the ways our way of life decisions can affect our general surroundings, and in spite of the fact that it’s disagreeable to consider, our fixation on fast moving goods(and specifically quick form) assumes a huge part in dirtying nature and in addition supporting risky living and working conditions for individuals around the globe. We don’t regularly understand the influence our shopping propensities have on the earth and the worldwide group, and when we wind up plainly mindful it can then be a battle to make sense of the best puts in to shop in request to limit our carbon impressions.

Its 2017 and  we are faced with real life altering implications of our actions.The fast fashion industry being one of the highest pollution contributor globally.We as a global community need to address how much we are willing to pay for our clothes, and choose more sustainable options.The concept already being in pipeline by many of the fashions giants.It’s a matter of time, that we choose earth over fast fashion.It would be hypocrisy, if I do not admit that I love fast fashion, while many call it a frivolous industry as a fashion enthusiast it gives me the tools and the canvas to play with my style and to express myself.On the other hand it pains to see the Earth being polluted in the name of fast moving fashion.The time has come where we are more mindful of our consumer behavior, and choose more sustainable products, for the sake of our own self and the planet’s.Because it wouldn’t be that fun to live in super polluted earth.One of my new year resolution infact revolves around being more mindful in life, be it any sphere.I would be recycling clothes much more in my daily life than I used to.And be more mindful of my purchases.I urge you to do the same.

It’s literally now or never to choose Earth over our mindless consumer patterns.

Now lets talk about my color interest.Wine red or merlot as it’s called is one of those perpetual shades with genuine cross-regular interest, and is solidly settled in my wardrobe as my go to color. While its favorite even as a head to toe, I would  additionally consider blending it with more volatile pieces like denim blues, to create cross-fabric interest, I think  that can be saved for another post.Wine red shade can have  significant cross-season claim, this  spring/summer runs and will function admirably joined with blacks and navy for now.Tones of burgundy and claret are a sure fire offer with broad worldwide interest, especially for early conveyances of Spring/Summer.Typically considered to be a autumn/winter hue it has managed to transition into a much liked summer hue in 2017.These tones offer a new yet generally safe choice that keeps up a shrewd edge for the season’s jackets, parkas and midi dresses.You can go full blown head to toe like I did, or mix it with denims and shorts dresses.This color is here to stay in 2017.

And before I wrap up, as I was saying before let’s be more mindful towards our planet.Make your choices wisely because the implications are huge.




Styled and Conceptualised

By Yours truly,

Shot by Athul S Sasidharan



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