Whatever goes around comes around in circles and half circles

Buy cheap Tastylia online without a prescription I am a 23 years old, technically that means, you have this irrational apprehension of what’s forth coming, pretty much about everything.This is  much like the how the US Immigrants feel about Donald trump in US Presidential elections, uncertain and apprehensive, you never know what to expect.The millennials, aka my generation of humans, we are a special breed, we constantly worry about what is going to happen next, we overshare, from bathroom selfies to meals, we strongly feels that the world needs to know everything,we also have a strong case of FOMO..All this and still we find ourselves always caught up in a haze, not here not there.

follow url We are generally no-where, in the middle of somewhere.Always ! We say, we love our friends, we are perennially single, our families are in different states, we say we will make it one day, and at the same time wonder about the probability of things, we want to change the world, but we are rational enough to know that it’s a far fetched idea.We talk about Kardashians like they are next door neighbors, we love the Justin Bieber of 2015, we love pop culture, we have our favorite Youtuber’s, we love music, so much so we consider it our religion!

go to link We are revolutionaries, we are thinkers. we are smart enough to know when to call quits on things/people, yet we linger on the slightest idea of love, we love the drunk in love Beyonce- style act, we want a happily ever after, if only we were not so cynical of it .The paradox you see.We never believe in something completely, we doubt!A lot! We dismiss things before even trying, we do not have the time to commit towards long drawn processes/relationships we say.We template everything, and try to put people in patterns.People are nothing but patterns of character, that repeat itself in time, we say.We have character, we act in a pattern of our own identity and we hardly break it.We are the generation of quick fixes.We tell our friends, we are looking for something more, we always say !But what is more, if we were never really here  ? #Stayflawless _MG_3778 _MG_3779 _MG_3780 _MG_3787 _MG_3791 _MG_3806 _MG_3807 _MG_3810

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On me |Coat Vintage |Bag Spalsh | Denim Mango |Sunnies Voi Jeans|



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I really like your bag! It’s very unique 🙂

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