ONCE FADED NEVER THE SAME I have a couple of items in my closet, which speaks memories rather than clothes, they hand to me unforgettable strings of deja-vu ‘s in their own terms. I feel at ease  in these, they represent a part of me, part of past me, the people , the occasions and everything else.A … Continue Reading


THE BLACK DRESS CODE Time and again you guys have heard me talk about black color and what the relevance is.You know the drill,so just go along with it okey?? That being said  my love for this dark hue is just increasing by each passing day,  that fact is quite established by now  in my … Continue Reading


TO THE CITY OF ROMANCE AND PARISIAN STYLE So February is rolling, where did the January go ?It’s a Thursday and I feel it’s almost the weekend, the days are flying past with no intention of slowing down anytime soon.Before we know it would be December 31st.Such is life !Anyways, lets get to the topic … Continue Reading


Whatever goes around comes around in circles and half circles I am a 23 years old, technically that means, you have this irrational apprehension of what’s forth coming, pretty much about everything.This is  much like the how the US Immigrants feel about Donald trump in US Presidential elections, uncertain and apprehensive, you never know what to expect.The … Continue Reading


A COLD JANUARY MORNING AND  LOTS OF BLACK The brand new year had began and I hope everyone is killing it already.Black has been my choice of color this month .Majorly because Black is a color you can wear regardless of the occasion, it’s never inappropriate to wear black.Never. At least in majority of situations. The thing … Continue Reading


NEW YEAR, NEW RESOLUTIONS ! The last year have passed by in the blink of an eye, and yet I am not here in 2016.In my head 2015 is not over, not even a bit.But nevertheless, 2016 is here and it’s time to embrace it in all glory .So let’s celebrate the dawn of a new year … Continue Reading


A BROAD CATEGORY OF CLOTHING THAT IS APPROPRIATE FOR EITHER ATHLECTIC OR LEISURE PURSUITS OR BOTH =ATHLEISURE   As 2015 is moving towards it’s last leg, my resolutions from the last year have been speculated on, and my brilliant  resolutions of the year  have failed to manifest once again.My work has been occupying most of … Continue Reading


 So can you kick the white movement ? If the white sneaker trend is right up your alley, you have one person to thank: Phoebe Philo. In 2010, the British designer took her bow at the Celine Spring 2011 show wearing white Adidas Stan Smiths and just like that, the return of the classic lo-fi trainers was sealed.In the four … Continue Reading


WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE PARKAS The matter of fact that  we are approaching 2016, and I am still hovering around mid year 2015, is a little bit of something happening-something is not happening for me.Is the rest of the world feeling that too?The fact that work wise I am two season ahead of the year, makes me … Continue Reading