one unique combo which I cant get enough of

Bomber over the shoulder, with flare denims on camo tee is one of my all time favorite throw on.Here is something quite candid.It is quite hard to conceive the notion of habitability of camo in monsoon.The flare denims is a classic alltimer which can charm the-way through any season.It is August and I am caught up in wondering where did the year go?It the last quarter of the year already?I am shook !This year has evaporated at the blink of an eye to be precise how did this come about ?

Maybe we have all seen the many many happenings of the world unfolding and unfolding and unfolding and not folding enough back.World affairs are many.So are the fashion scape events.The fads in fashion is nothing sort of everyday affair now.But timeless pieces like this flare denims stands the test of time.

Keeping it short and sweet

Stay Gorgeous




Shot by Athul S Sasidharan

Makeup Swathi Basanwal Jeph

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