I will find my own bravado and a large serving of mental space

The greatest rebellion of all times is the permission you give yourself to be you.I have some amazing friends in my life right now, who had shown me what it is like to stick up for yourself.They inspire me to be to be a better me, and I hope I do the same to them.It’s so refreshing to be free of  my own judgement of what the world should look like and just accept everything as it.No judgement period.Accept people for who they are.

Radical acceptance anyone?I will take a large serving.Please.

Lately I have realized how much mental space it frees when you decide to be yourself and do your own jam.It is truly liberating.It would be quite wonderful to have a world which is free of nuances and uncanny comments of each other.It’s next to human nature to always project us as the better ones, but what I have realized is that we are only different in the light we shine the source is all the same.To a less judgemental world and  more free will !

I am keeping this article bare minimum.I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend !





Shot by Athul S Sasidharan

Concept by

Your truly

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Beautifully penned !…Bravo to the beautiful soul you are!

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