To my favorite color and birthday month

Hello my loves,

Today is Oct 1!Officially October has rolled in and guess what my birthday is approaching. Yaaasss!!So first things first let’s talk about my personal favorite Band-Aid fashion.Let’s break it down for you, it is nothing but the color of band-aid that has influenced color trends across globe and became a trend of its own.We used to call them nude palette before.Ring a bell, now ?If you go to any fast fashion retailer you would be able to see a sea of band-aid colors, yes there is a spectrum of colors which are called band-aid colors, no surprises there.You can find this color influence from high fashion to fast fashion, everywhere literally.Band-aid colors compliments, brown skin quite well, and that is the beauty of it in Indian context.It is a boon for people wanting to create monochromes with palettes other than blacks and whites.Do try it out peeps.

Next big thing, my birthday is here !I am born on October 21, and good lord I will turn one year older.I cannot believe one year has passed by.This year has been bitter sweet in many ways, had a mega-heartbreaking event and  somehow I found the light in dark tunnel.Honestly didn’t think I would make it through, you know.But the universe is wise and loving, and it always gives you a way out.It might and possible be the most painful thing you have done till now but if you can clench through the drilling pain for sometime it really becomes bearable.And when you come out of the other side, you will have a 100 times better perspective and a new light.You cannot a put a band-aid on it, and pretend it all ok, because someday whatever pain you have buried will surface and it is going to be ugly.The irony there you see.So feel the terrible feels, and let it go.Only by doing so you can heel.I hate being so serious, and talking about grave stuff.But this year has been life-altering-perspective-lending for me, sometimes going through a difficult road will give you a ton of perspective on who you are, and you will start valuing and cherishing the people who matter.And do take my word for it, if one thing that I have learned, that is not everyone matters and that it is ok to let go, nothing is promised anyway.If only we can figure this out, the amount of time we would save man!But like all earthlings it’s seasons and phases that we eclipse through.We are all just “Work in progress”-my new favorite go to word.You and me, we are all Work in Progress, darling!So take a deep breathe and let it all go.Everything will be ok, if not today maybe tomorrow.And most importantly NO-HATE !Hate is a burden, and life is too short for that ishhhh 🙂

~New year and a brand new universe is waiting~

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Stay fabulous



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