To all the eccentric approaches we undertook in the name of fairness and to mortality

It has been an eventful month, as we all know it to be.Some major changes, and major loses!India was  hit by demonetization last month.The currency ban as y’all know.We lost the most charismatic leader of our time late Ms Jayalalitha.Two major events in the span of two months.It has been a rough month.

So last month we saw how effervescent our nation is in terms of  cash.As a measure to curb the growing black money in our country, our government decided to call back all the currency with higher denomination.The long term picture was a cash less economy and to go all digital.The feasibility of that in today’s India is debatable, mainly due to the higher rural population in our country and the infrastructure deficit in many  parts of the country.But since the move is under way, it is all for the good I suppose.The after effects of this would be felt for a long time in terms of the cash flow.This is worsened by the passing away of Ms Jayalalitha, the most charismatic and powerful leader of our times, a true icon of female power.Her death will be a political vacuum for the coming days.A lady who stands  for power, intelligence and charisma.She had made her mark in the Tamil Nadu politics over the course of 14 years as the chief minister of the masses.She was deemed as one of the most powerful ladies that India had seen in along run after Indira Gandhi!Rest in peace Amma !

By her passing away, I have once more realized the looming truth of our mortality.No matter how great or big or powerful or rich we are our lives are terribly short. .Our time here is so limited, we do not realize this in the frenzy of the matrix.We are so caught up in the daily grittiness, hardly we ponder.Do the most, make the most of it, for we are all incredibly mortal!







Shot by Athul Sasidharan



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