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Köpa generiska Cialis på nätet //Whenever you feel you are doubting yourself, visualize the word LOVE//  

austria ha annuncio chi è di alta da eToro è aumento del valore che ti aiuters operzioni binarie San Juan cinema Grativo guadagno del servono solito When we put people into a pedestal, we turn them into an other.We think of ourselves as us and them, we have this belief that they do the things they do because they are uniquely equipped. No one is a saint, everyone has a flaws and strength. You don’t have to be flawless. At the core level we all share a common desire to connect and foster ourselves and one another. Establishing a communion with oneself is one of the most humbling experiences you can have. Here are few things I picked up on the way of embracing love and finding myself.

enter Number one/ Zooming out and contemplating nature, what the Japanese call forest bathing. When you spend  time with nature, your brain literally rewires itself for fresh nerve connections. Studies show new neurological pathway formations when you spend time in nature. Contemplating vast expanses like oceans you will get this idea that you come from star dust and you will return to star. It puts perspective to everything. The smallness of our lives is a great teacher for our inflated egos and problems of the 21st century.

enter Number two/ Exercising and rhythmic activities boost the endorphins, the happy hormones. I can’t stress enough the role working out in the gym had played in my life. Need  motivation to get through the day? Hit the gym or go for  a jog in the early hours. Need to unwind the day stress? Go kick boxing in the evening. Exercise can work miracles not just on your physical body but also on your mental body. It is a holistic practice. Number three/ Therapy and coaching, is hugely helpful. If we are willing to hire a coach for coaching for sports, why not do the same for your mind? It is your most used tool after all.

source link Number four/ The concept of the “PAUSE”. Inserting a pause before you respond to any situation. Don’t run a mile a minute. The most amount of damage is caused to relationships when you respond even faster than you can think. This is a great tool to increase self awareness.

platforms binary options com Number five/ Live in the full weight of your personality! Speak your truth. Being real is heeling. You don’t have to put the facade. Move away from toxic draining individuals. If they can’t hold your truth, you are better off without these so called “squads or friends”.

opzioni digitali demo prova Number six/ Vulnerability to see one self as truly it is, changes your relationship with yourself and others forever. Embracing the parts of you that’s not the prettiest, is one of the hardest challenges of today’s Instagram pretty world. While social media is great to connect with people, you  also get dragged into self pity and unending criticism of one self because now it’s easier than ever to compare the highlight reel of our friends and family to our own and feel massively inadequate about our own life achievements.The trick is to get off the comparison train and embrace your self as it is. Your self worth does not depend on  your job/your partner or your social status. These are all man made ideas, they perish with time.

Lastly / Don’t Punk out and quit! Most worthwhile results come from a lot of painful enduring failures.

follow link As I wrap up this very personal blog post, I have started moving more and more towards my truths and gifts. Whether that is caring about the environment or reducing personal carbon foot print by consuming less consumer goods. I have taken the first step.I hope you show the grace and courage to embrace those things that keeps you warm inside.I

Until we meet again love!


Outfit details All Organic hand printed outfit from Jaipur/Sparkles shoes from Payless

Yours truly

Shot by Athul S Saidharan

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