//Whenever you feel you are doubting yourself, visualize the word LOVE//   When we put people into a pedestal, we turn them into an other.We think of ourselves as us and them, we have this belief that they do the things they do because they are uniquely equipped. No one is a saint, everyone … Continue Reading

I want to go back to believing a story again Some years ask the questions, while some years answer them.While serendipity and coincidence have played a big role in shaping up my notions about fate, I also believe that preparation and hard work covers merit worthy denominator in the outcome of life events.Put a handsome … Continue Reading

EVERYTHING BOISTER ABOUT NEW YORK FASHION WEEK ‘17 This year, the New York Fashion Week was full of new designers and fresh talent. Hayley Elsaessar with her vibrant tones of colors and quirky prints, RtA (Road to Awe) with sassy leather and denim styles, Chi Zhang for her skew Avante-garde collection are some of the … Continue Reading

To the sweet sweet pastel that you are going to see everywhere in the coming months Send the ravens far and wide guys lilac is in town, scorching the way through or should I say charming its way through it?.Either way it is having a quite moment of its own.Softer cousin of purple with a … Continue Reading

one unique combo which I cant get enough of Bomber over the shoulder, with flare denims on camo tee is one of my all time favorite throw on.Here is something quite candid.It is quite hard to conceive the notion of habitability of camo in monsoon.The flare denims is a classic alltimer which can charm the-way … Continue Reading